1.13 and up - Change log

1.24 - 2024-05-15

Support added for image annotation.

Network handling improvements (including better errors).

Fixed issue regarding value list validations in grid.

1.23 - 2024-04-02

Optimizations for rendering Grid & loading of grids.

1.22 2024-02-29

Fix auto forward infinite loop bug with assertion steps.

Resolve a bug causing the condition to hide making scanners to not work correctly with auto-forward.

Fixed an issue causing suitcase information not to save directly after download, which required a user to run a workflow before reloading the client.

Added support for auto-completion with image selection.

1.21 - 2024-02-08

Fix support for line breaks when using | character in the grid

Correct scrollbar sizing setting after a breaking Chrome (121) update.

1.20 - 2024-01-30

Bug fixes.

1.19 - 2023-12-11

Fix issues around offline - Preventing spam of download, and correct status showing.

1.18 - 2023-12-08

Fix usage of exception handlers which made web client not load on older devices - regression from technology update.

1.17 - 2023-12-08

Fix a regression bug after a new technology update, causing FlowScript equals not to work as intended (regression issue from Microsoft).

1.16 - 2023-12-07

Bug fixes.

1.15 - 2023-12-06

Update client to newer technology for performance improvements.

Fix a visual bug for single list selection, causing the default selected value not to become un-selected when selecting a different value.

1.14 - 2023-11-09

Fix a blocking regression bug, causing inboxes and workflows not to function as intended with input parameters.

1.13 - 2023-11-08

Bug fixes.

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