HTML Advanced

HTML Portlet allows for creating a Portlet with customized content using HTML code. It is possible to use styling and scripts to fit your choice and needs.


General data is required for all portlets.

General configuration


The portlet can listen to the following events:

  • On Row Selection

  • On Refresh

  • On Point Selection

Listeners configuration


Data source

The portlet data source configuration enables the portlet to execute specified queries towards the chosen database connector to fetch data, or fetch data from a workflow.

  • Database: uses a flow connector to retrieve data from a database

  • Workflow: runs a workflow to retrieve data

Data source configuration

Workflow source configuration

Data source columns

Manage: the columns can be configured as a grid view as well as the list view. This view can help for a better overview and quicker configuration when a lot of columns are in use.

Click Execute in the data source section to fetch the columns. Each column can be configured with:

  • display name

  • column type

There are a number of column types to choose from. The default column type is text.

  • Text: use to display column as a text fields

  • Number: use for number fields where the number is an integer

  • Decimal: use for numbers with decimals

  • Date: will display the column as a date with no time

  • Date & Time: use to display date and time

Default presentation


In content use script, header and body sections to configure the portlet content.


Change the header text color and add a header stripe by configuring style.

Style configuration

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