FlowScript is the built-in scripting language in the Flow platform. FlowScript expressions are typically used to display the value of a variable to a user (in a User Task), but can also be used to perform simple or complex calculations and data transformations in a workflow. FlowScript programs can be used in some places where a single expression isn't enough, for example in Script Tasks.

In the Flow Studio, fields, where you can use FlowScript expressions, are marked with the light blue FlowScript symbol, shown above. FlowScript expressions always begin with an opening curly brace and end with a closing curly brace.

The simplest type of FlowScript expression simply refers to a variable which has been defined earlier in the workflow. Such an expression consists only of the opening curly brace, the name of the variable, and the closing curly brace:


The Flow Studio will automatically show a list of available variables when you type the opening curly brace; you can navigate this list with the arrow keys on the keyboard and accept the currently selected item using the Return key. To make the menu go away, press the Escape key or click anywhere outside the menu.

If your FlowScript expression refers to a variable which is not defined anywhere in the workflow, the Flow Studio will show a red line under your FlowScript expression.


The scope of a FlowScript means the collection of variables available to refer to in it. In most cases, the scope of a FlowScript expression is the set of variables available at the workflow step where the expression is used; however, in some cases, the scope may be different. For example, the Large Row Text and Small Row Text properties of a List Selection item in a User Step have access to the columns of the selected table variable.

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