Global Variables

Global variables in the portal are not to be confused with global variables in Flow 6. In the portal, they are used to pass in variables by adding them to the URL, separated by ampersands.

Example of URL with parameters:

In this example, the global variables GlobalVariable1 and GlobalVariable2 are defined with the values ValueA and ValueB.

How to configure Global Variables

Global variables are set in the Settings section of Portal.

To add a new Global variable, give it a name, press the plus button, and hit save. Clicking on the trashcan icon will delete the variable.

An example of using the global variable with database as the data source:

select MyColumnOne
       ,:Global.GlobalVariable1 as Variable1Column 
from MyTable
where MyColumnOne = :Global.GlobalVariable2

The global variable is reached by using the :Global syntax followed by what you named your variable. That will then be replaced with what you have set the variable to be in the URL string.

Using workflow as the data source:

Data source machine workflow should include Global variables in the start step (green ring), and assignment for global variables inside of the workflow.

Use global variables in workflow must be checked for global variables:

A record called GlobalVariabes containing your global variables needs to be added to the data source workflow. Those variables can then, among other things, be used in the select statements in the workflow:

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