Obtaining end-point info from IFS Cloud

In order to configure the IFS OData connector with IFS Cloud, we need to provide authorization endpoint and token endpoint to the connector configuration. These endpoints differ from one installation to another hence it's important to know how to obtain the relevant endpoint information for a given IFS Cloud installation.

  • Log in to IFS Cloud instance and navigate to Solution Manager -> API Explorer

  • Choose any projection and select Documentation command then click on API Doc

  • In the resulting API Documentation page find the section named "OpenId" at the top. Click on the Connect URL as highlighted in red.

  • This would open up a new tab containing end-point information in JSON format. the authorization endpoint and the token endpoint are highlighted in red. Also in every end-point there's a common host path(masked in gray color) which is commonly referred to as Service URI. We will need this information in the connector config.

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