Content access management

Content Access is used to control which tabs in the portal that a flow user can access. The access is granted by their assigned flow roles meaning that depending on which flow role(s) a flow users is connected to, the flow user will gain access to a specific set of tabs in the portal.

By defining specific flow roles for portal content access, one can control what tabs a user can access in the portal.

Flow Roles

Flow Roles are defined in the Novacura Flow Administration interface and can be used for a variety of purposes. The Roles are organized in a tree structure and can inherit be set to inherit its parents or children. Flow Users can be connected to one or many flow roles. See more about Roles in the Novacura Flow Administration interface

Set up content access

  1. Choose the flow role which the user needs to access.

  2. Check which tabs the role should have access to.

  3. Press save.

Document Access Management

Included in the Flow Portal, is a simple Document Manager. Documents are saved in a Folder structure and access to documents is controlled by granting access to different Folders. This means that depending on which Flow Role(s) a Flow User is appointed to, the Flow User will gain access to a specified set of Document Folders and the documents it contains.

In the Document Manager Folders all Documents are managed (i.e. created, updated or deleted) by using workflows. All the business logic around document management is thereby defined by the workflows used by the Portal.

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