Web client:

  • If a date was entered in the Date input field and after that the value was cleared, the variable still contained the value that was first entered. This has been fixed.

Flow studio:

  • Opening a workflow wherein a Connector as a Service had been removed from the server caused Studio to crash. This has been fixed.

  • Test bench now supports Single- and Multi- selection in Data grid.

  • Users with access level "Administer Workflows" can now configure Connector Services.

  • If a role group was entered with the same name as an existing role group, the first role group was overwritten. This has been fixed.


  • REST Connector: Computed parameters were not compiled if no internal or configuration parameters were defined. This has been fixed.

  • Maximo Generic Connector: There was no valid check for entered credentials upon login to Flow, instead an error appeared during execution of the connector if credentials were wrong. This has been fixed.

  • MySQL Connector: Now supports more connection string parameters, for example SslMode.

  • M3 REST Connector: The output was wrong when the feature to limit the output fields was used.

  • SAP BAPI Connector: Handling of NULL values has been improved to prevent issues during runtime

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