Global variables management

Global variables are used to set a global context to the portal with one or many variables that are set in the URL to the portal.

This allows the usage of the global variables as parameters to affect the data that is displayed to the user in many of the portlets.

Example of URL with parameters:

In this example the global variables GlobalVariable1 and GlobalVariable2 are defined with the values ValueA and ValueB.

Global Variables

This is where one defines a list of global variables that are available for usage. By pressing create the user will be forwarded to the definition window to be able to specify a new global variable.


This is where one defines the new global variable, by entering a variable name in the text field Code, one assigns the variable name.

To save the variable the save button is used and the new variable will be displayed in the Global variables list.

By selecting a variable in the list and pressing delete in the definition window, one can delete a global variable.

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