Flow Studio:

  • Removed the requirement to copy custom connector DLL files to Flow Studio\bin directory. The custom connector DLL files are now only required on Flow Server.

  • Fixed issue in Flow Studio Environment which caused the Azure AD Sync not able to list groups.

  • Flow Studio Environment Azure AD Sync no longer tries to sync non-users (such as printers and computers).

  • Fixed issue where assigning {true}/{false} to a flow variable in FlowScript returned an error.

Flow Server:

  • Web Service connector machine steps returning parameters of type DataTable can now be used

Flow Installer:

  • The new release is equipped with a new code signing certificate, which has been recently created. Please be advised that due to the recent issuance of the certificate, you may encounter a Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warning when attempting to run the installer. It is safe to proceed with the installation by selecting the "Run anyway" option, as long as the publisher is identified as Novacura AB.

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