Check box input

A boolean input interaction item is used when the operator needs to answer a true/false question of lesser importance. Boolean inputs show up as checkboxes in the Flow Client.

Boolean inputs have the following properties:

  • Target Variable The name of the new variable in which to store the choice entered. A positive choice (checked) creates a variable value of true, while a negative choice (unchecked) creates a variable value of false.

  • Prompt The label to be displayed over the check box input field.

  • Default Value Either false (unchecked), true (checked) or a variable reference to a value of either false or true.

  • Condition To Hide

    Add the condition that must be met for the control to be hidden. If left empty, the control will be visible in the user step. Note that when controls are hidden, empty variables will be created, unless default values or pre-defined data exist.

  • Must be Checked

    Check box if the field is mandatory

  • Merge behavior

    The control behavior at reloading, see User step reloading.

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