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The Filter portlet allows for customized filter lists and buttons to apply towards other portlets. With this one can choose from a preconfigured list of values or manually typed in a value to send a filter request with the chosen criteria.

Basic Data

Internal name - unique string to identify this portlet. Portlet title - title of the portlet, does not have to be unique.

Filter configuration

Group Headers

  • Group name - a value shown as display name of a group that contains column mappers.
  • Header visible - if the display name is to be displayed or not.
  • Align group - up or down arrow to realign in which order the groups are to be displayed.

Column Mappers

  • Display name - The display name of the value field.
  • Filter parameter - The column of the target portlet that the filter will be applied to.
  • Column size - Width of the column list.
  • Group - Which group the column mapper should be assigned to.
  • Lov - A list of values (that can be set up in Options) to apply as filter value. Only works when Editor type is LOV.
  • Editor - What kind of input one can type into the input box.
  • Length - Only when using decimal in editor, specifies the amount of decimals that can be entered.
  • Multiline - When using textinput and not Lov to filter, this enables the textwindow to have support for multiple lines.