Select type to set the placement of the navigator.


  • Top - navigator shown above work area

  • Side - navigator shown on the left-hand side of the work area

  • Top/Side - navigator shown above and on the left-hand side of the work area

Panel state:

  • Floating - the side navigator will expand when hovering over the navigator arrow visible on the left-hand side

  • Sticky - the navigator will be fixed to the left-hand side of the portal tab


  • Shown - breadcrumbs will be visible under the portal header. The breadcrumbs show the focused page place in relation to higher level pages

  • Hidden - the breadcrumbs will be hidden

Export pages

Use the Export button to export pages. Click Export and select the pages which are to be exported. More than one page can be exported at the same time.

Import of pages, containers and portlets is done under Add - Import.

For information about imports from the old Portal, go to Migrate existing solution.

All pages can be managed via the page tree manager.

Using the page tree manager, users can:

  • rearrange the order of pages

  • create new pages

  • delete existing pages

  • search for existing pages

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