Branding is only available in the Enterprise version of Flow.


Change the logotype shown in the left corner of the Flow clients. Click in the up load icon and choose a new logotype.

Color theme

With Color Themes is it possible to change colors on the client banner, workflow buttons and the header text.

Add a new theme by clicking on Add and enter a name of the theme, change the colors and save theme. Activate the theme that should be used by Flow.

Create your own color palette and use as backgrund colors for the workflows.

With the color picker is it possible to change the colors. Click on the color that should be changed and either enter RGB, hex code or choose a color from the color palette. The workflow colors will apply in the palette where to choose workflow color from. If workflow color 1 is changed will all workflows using that color be changed to the new color, and the same with the other workflow colors.

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