Release notes 6.13

Released 2020-12-14

Flow 6.13 is no longer supported. We strongly advise upgrading to the latest supported version for improved functionality, security, and support services.


This release somewhat marks the beginning of a new product strategy, with some new major concepts, the beginning of a new product architecture and also a new release strategy for parts of the platform.

Happy Flowing!

News and improvements in 6.13

Studio Improvements:

Clients & Mobility:

Portal 2:

Connector Services:

  • New Connector architecture, where a connector is deployed as a service

    • The connector service can be installed anywhere as long as it has an outbound connection to the server

    • When installed and connected, the Connector can be managed as usual in the Flow Studio

    • Improves the scalability of the platform and supports distributed solutions and edge computing

  • Released as a Beta, including:

    • IFS Apps 9 AP DB Connector Service

    • IFS Apps 10 AP DB Connector Service

    • MS SQL Server DB Connector Service

    • File System Connector Service

    • Connector Service Installer (to be released later in a service pack)


  • Maximo connector now supports https as protocol.

Scalable Storage:

  • New storage architecture, using MS SQL Server

    • In addition to the current SQLite DB, Novacura Flow can now also be used with MS SQL Server as a storage option

  • This solution offers much better scaling possibilities and will also be used for our Cloud environments.

  • As a first step, this new storage option will be available for Flow Cloud only.

Changes in License:

  • Not possible to exceed license limit

    • If enabled in the customer license, a hard limit on license count will be applied in the associated environment, meaning that adding users exceeding the licensed number will not be possible.

  • Max concurrent sessions

    • Maximum concurrent users will from now on be set for Test environments, in order to let customers have identical setups for both Test and Prod and at the same time prevent misusage of Test environments.

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