New features

  • Function operations that return collection of entities can now be configured with the same task configuration UI as the 'Read' operation. In practice this enables you to configure filters, limiting return data and so forth. It even enables you to start using $apply mode (where applicable) on function operations. There can be huge performance boosts to be gained here, so it is recommended to review function usage in your workflows.

  • Support for 'Custom request' to send send binary/stream added. Using the 'Custom Request-operation', you can now post or patch binary data to an endpoint in IFS. Simply select content type "application/octet-stream" in the body tab and then select which variable containing binary data you want to send.

  • Run with specific credentials if the client is 'Test Bench'. This feature requires either a new machine step, or a refreshed, for instance, re-mapped, machine step. Flow Studio needs to pick up additional details it did not have prior to this release. Any machine step configured with this release (or later) will be supported.

  • Run with specific credentials if the user is given machine user. Useful for instance if you have a scheduled workflow, but do not want to use a specific configuration for that scenario. You can keep the default authorization, let's say Open Id, but for machine user 'x', you want to use client credentials instead.

  • Connector now runs on the .NET 8 runtime which improves the overall performance of connector.

  • Refined communication log levels. You can now specify more levels of HTTP communication logging. Available options are 'None', 'Errors only' (default on new), 'Without payloads' and 'Truncated payloads'. The recommended level is 'Errors only' where any non-successful call is logged (i.e. HTTP status code in 400- or 500-range). The payload is always logged on those calls.

  • Communication logs can now be stored in a separate database from the rest of the connectors data.

  • Resize images returned from Media Library. Using a new operation, 'Download and scale media to file record', you can specify a scaling to be applied to the image before returning it to Flow.

  • Entities returning collections of 'simple' values (i.e. enumeration or string values) are now better supported.

  • Filtering on enumeration values in 'Read' operation is now easier to configure in the UI

Bug fixes

  • Fixed numerous bugs and performance issues regarding the communication log UI in connectors web UI.

  • Fixed a bug where $count was not handled properly by 'Custom request' operation

  • Fixed a bug where $expand was not handled properly by 'Custom request' operation

  • Fixed a bug in 'Create and check in new document' via Document Library

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