Released 2022-11-03

Breaking change

Map portlet - Drag and drop, change from operationType to OperationType

Changes mandatory map workflow in-parameter from operationType to OperationType (capital O). This is a correction to standardize the naming of mandatory in-parameters in the portal.

New features

Filter - send Filter command on Clear

New configuration check box added to Filter portlet; Send Filter command on Clear.

If checked - When the user clicks on the Clear button, the values in the Filter portlet are cleared followed by a Filter command sent to all listening portlets, i.e., listening portlet filters will also be cleared.

If un-checked - When the user clicks on the Clear button, the values in the Filter portlet are cleared. Listening portlets are left unaffected.

KPI card portlet

The KPI card can now be configured with bottom right and left widgets. Two types of widgets are available: Data Field (called Priority Value in Portal1) and Trend.

Data Field - input value will be displayed as it is, i.e., if the input is the text Area: Central, that is what will be shown.

Trend - will be displayed as an arrow in the direction as per the input value. Input must be an integer between -2 and 2, where -2 is an arrow pointing down and 2 is an arrow pointing up.

The KPI card configuration has also been changed to that all presentation objects are set with a fixed size and their own color rules.

Map portlet

Create new marker in map portlet: Create marker has been added to the Map portlet. When Interaction - Create is configured with a workflow, a marker, which can be dragged and dropped to any location in the map, will appear in the Map portlet navigation.

Cut/Paste portlet

The container builder has been renamed to "Cut clipboard". Use the portlet action icon: Cut to cut portlets and open the Cut clipboard. A container can be created by dragging out the clipboard into the design area as before, but now also possible to drag and out individual portlets.

Copy/Paste portlet

The Copy clipboard has been added which can be used to copy portlets. Use the portlet action icon Copy to copy portlets and open the copy clipboard. Drag and drop the whole clipboard into the design area to create a container or drag and drop an individual portlet to create a portlet copy. Copied portlets get a unique portlet id.

Export and import portlets, containers and pages

It is possible to import pages, containers and portlets. Import is done by pressing the Import button then Add - Import. Imported portlets will get a unique id.

Portlets are exported by clicking the Export action icon in the portlet header.

Containers are exported by clicking the Export button under Edit - General.

Pages are exported by clicking the Export button under Navigation - Export pages.

Browser local storage

The way user actions like filters, table sorting, table grouping etc are saved has changed. All actions are now saved in the browser's locale storage. This means that if, for example, the filter portlet is used to filter listening portlets, the filter and the filtering will remain even if the user navigates to a different page or logs off-on.

General portal bugs

  • Notification about changed table-portlet configuration: Notification added so the portal user gets a message if the portal admin has made a change that affects the user, for example by removing columns in a table portlet.

  • One Filter Across Multiple Stacked Table Portlet Causes Errors: Fixed so it is possible for multiple portlets to listen to the same portlet.

  • No possibility to expand portlets as a work user: Corrected so it is possible to expand a portlet when user is of type Work.

  • Side menu not working, table scrollbar missing: Corrected so scrollbars are visible for Work users.

  • General configuration - Dropdowns connected with the Execution button keep old values after execution: Corrected so values are refreshed when clicking execution. If value no longer exist, the field will be empty.

  • Access - Portlets behaving differently based on Access level (Table portlet expands and scroll missing): Corrected behaviour for Work user.

  • Container header is not displayed when portlets are "stacked": Corrected so headers are displayed correctly when portlets are stacked in a container.

Portlet bugs

  • Document viewer - Does not show on which page the user is: Added so the user can see the page number.

  • Document viewer - Fileviewer does not display the chapter selector: Corrected to document viewer can show document chapters.

  • Filter - Date datatypes in the Filter Portlet stopped working after the last update: Corrected so it is possible to filter on dates.

  • Filter - Keeping filter symbol after filtering empty value in Filter portlet: Corrected to icons are remove when filter is removed.

  • Filter - Menu shows in middle of screen: Corrected UI.

  • Filter - Sending filter command with enter button doesn't work: Added that filter command is sent when pressing Enter after adding a value in a field. If the field is a list of values, use enter to select a value in the list and then press enter again to send Filter command when the list is closed. The filter button is not affected.

  • Kanban - Color tooltip is opened when column settings card is dragged: Corrected UI.

  • Map - After page change map portlet does not preserve search, second action causes breaking error: User action are now saved in browers local storage.

  • Map – Drag and drop objects only works one time: Fixed so it is possible to drag and drop markers any number of times.

  • Map - Stealing labels from pins in the Map portlet: Fixed so the correct label is shown for each marker.

  • Map - When hovering on markers created close to each other labels disappear: Fixed so labels for markers located close do not disappear when disappear when hovering on marker.

  • Record - Cannot Check Checkbox Field in Record Portlet: orrected so it is possible to check and uncheck checkboxes in an editable record portlet.

  • Scheduler - Column header of today's date does not appear in Scheduler: Corrected column header so today's date is visible

  • Scheduler - Current day/time are blank in Scheduler: Correction so current date/time is visible.

  • Scheduler - Left most day in scheduler is blank when using custom start day: Fixed so start days are correctly visible in scheduler.

  • Scheduler - Overlapping items do not display in week view: Issue was that overlapping items were stacked on top of each other so only the top one was visible. Corrected so items are shown beside each other and all visible.

  • Table - Column Filtering Doesn't Work Consistently: Issue occurred when a value happened to be 10 characters long and the portal translated it to be a date. This has been corrected so it is possible to filter on strings, numbers and dates regardless of value length.

  • Table - Empty strings are displayed as 0 when column display changed to Number: Corrected so cells are empty if values is null or string when column display changed to Number

  • Table - Exporting information to Excel: Decimal Type Column is exported properly in excel (format and type)

  • Table - Filtering dates not working: Correction for date filter.

  • Table - Font Size & Cell Padding Resets After Pressing "Execute" On Data Source: Corrected font size and cell padding setting behavior.

  • Table - Horizontal Scroll Bar Only Appears When You're At The Bottom Of The Table Portlet: Changed so scroll bar is visible at the bottom of the portlet rather than at the bottom of the table page.

  • Table - Issues with sorting: Corrected column sorting.

  • Table - Loosing of column sort after filtering in Filter portlet: If a user filters a table from a filter portlet, any existing filters done within a table will removed before the filter portlet filter is applied. This fix is to make sure filter icons are correctly removed and applied.

  • Table - LOV in table portlets: Correction so the list of value value is fetched the correct way.

  • Table - Numeric columns should be right aligned: Set values to right align when column set to Number or Decimal.

  • Table - Padding not working when table data is null: Error occured when table contained empty cells. Corrected so row height is constant in the table regardless of content.

  • Table - Portal2 can hide/unhide columns every second login: Corrected so user can change the columns view settings from Table portlet.

  • Table - Portlet auto refresh causes data loss when editing: Added so portlets are not refreshed if being edited.

  • Table - Portlet column filter - default to "Contains": Changed the default value shown in filter from Equals to Contains.

  • Table - Quick Action flow execution flow error: Fixed so it is possible run Quick action workflows.

  • Visual planning - Wrong focus in configuration panel when creating visual planning portlets: Corrected focus so it's set at the top of the configuration panel when a new visual planning portlet is created.

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