Released 2021-12-09

Web client:

  • Resolved an issue causing "all" option on grid pages to not always show all rows when adding a new row to the grid.

  • Fixed an issue where cells with formatted strings did not update as expected in the grid.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Web client to throw an exception when moving forward quickly.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Portal to throw an exception when moving forward quickly.

  • Filtering on empty selection is improved.

Flow studio:

  • Version history and revert changes causing overriding previous versions.

  • Fix for using global variables in grid row & cell style.

  • Resolved problem where Flow studio crashes when leaving the output filename field empty in the html2pdf connector.

Flow server:

  • Resolved an issue causing workflow to become corrupted when reverting to previous version, forcing the developer to close and re-open the workflow.

  • Resolved an issue when switching between versions in the “Version History” panel in Studio for Flows with subtasks.


  • Resolved an issue causing a crash when building a model in rest connector.

  • New operation GetGroup added to AD Connector.

  • Null value is properly handled in database connector and does not cause any errors in Portal 2.

  • REST Connector no longer removes the trailing slash from Operation Path.

  • Added support for manual handling of cookies in rest connector.

  • Stability of the M3Connector has been improved.

  • Web Page Submit: Global username/password can now be used.

Workflow engine:

  • Resolved issue where image selection would not resolve when using environment variable.

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