Windows authentication

For Novacura Flow web client or portal

The Flow User Id needs to be the same as in the Active Directory to be able to use Windows Authentication. Use the Active directory sync in the Environment part of the Flow Studio to easily import users from the Active Directory.

1. Enable Windows Authentication

  • Click on the Web.Authenticator application under the site

  • Double click on Authentication

  • Enable Windows Authentication and disable all other authentications If Windows Authentication is missing in the list of authentications; go to the Server Manager and click on Add roles and features. Click on Next until the Server roles tab, extract Web Server (IIS), Web Server, Security, and check Windows Authentication, click on Next until installation.

2. Control the configuration of the Web Authenticator

  • Open the folder for the Web Authenticator (C:\Novacura\Novacura Flow 6\WebAuth)

  • Right-click and edit the Web.config file

  • Change the value for key flowServerAddress to the full Flow Server address, for example: <add key="flowServerAddress" value="http://servername:80/Novacura.Flow.6.Server/">

  • Open the folder for the Web Client and/or portal

  • Right click and edit the Web.config file

  • Change the value for key flowWebAuthenticator to the Flow Web Authenticator address, for example: <add key="flowWebAuthenticator" value="http://servername:80/Novacura.Flow.Client.Web.Authenticator">

  • Save the changes and close the files

3. The installation of the Windows Authentication for the Flow Web Client / Portal is now done. The users can log on with Windows Authentication in the Flow Web Client / Portal if they click on Sign in with your Microsoft Windows domain account.

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