Help requests

Help requests will be deprecated. That means the features are still available, but we do not recommend implementing if not already used. The new generation clients do not support help requests.

When working with offline workflows in the iOS, Android, or Windows10 Flow clients, all transactions that are produced by the workflow are put in a queue. This queue can be found in the Offline Data section, under MY WORK. The transactions are executed automatically in the background when the device has access to the internet.

Help request functionality cannot be used in the new generation of mobile clients.

Normally these transaction executes without any problems and disappears from the queue. However, if a workflow transaction has failed, the User is able to send a Help Request to an Administrator, so that the problem can be fixed. The Administrator can then either correct the problem in the back-end system or correct the data in the workflow transaction. When the problem is fixed, the Help Request can be sent back to the User and the transaction can be executed again.

The Administrator can view all requests in the Help Request tab under Monitoring.

The help request table contains eight columns:

  • Request ID: Unique id for the Help request

  • Login: Username of the user who made the Help request

  • Workflow name: From where the transaction is created

  • Time stamp: Time when the request was created

  • Status: Request status

  • Error message: The error message for the failed transaction

  • Instance name: The name of the workflow instance

  • Transaction name: The task name set for the handover

The Administrator can in the right-side panel edit and view the details of the request, such as the name of the workflow that has failed, the user id, comment from the sender, status etc. In order to resolve the transaction issue, the Administrator can edit any variable from the workflow transaction, add an optional comment and send the solution back to the user. If the cause of the error is only related to data or logic in the backend system, the Administrator can fix the root cause and directly send the request back to the User. The Administrator can also cancel the request.

The Help Request is being tracked by the following statuses:

  • New: New unhandled request

  • In progress: The transaction is changed by the Administrator

  • Sent back: The Help request is sent back to the User

  • Retried: Retried by the User without errors

  • Retried with errors: Retried by the User with errors

  • Resolved: Resolved of the change done by the Administrator

  • Canceled by user: The User has deleted the request

  • Canceled by administrator: The Administrator canceled the request

  • Session was closed: The User logged out from the app

Changes done by an administrator are sent to the user as a notification on the mobile device. The status is refreshed after clicking on the notification or clicking the Refresh button.

When the fix is delivered, will the user see the message: Retry updated transaction! and can then click on the green TRY AGAIN button to execute the transaction again.

The User will receive notifications when the Help request changes status, from New to In progress and from In progress to Sent back.

System Event

To get a notification about new requests, can the System Event Flow functionality be used, which can be found in the System Events panel under the Environment tab. Read more about system events here.

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