The offline page

Go to Offline data to download the data required to execute workflows without an internet connection.

When working with offline applications in the Flow clients, all transactions that are produced by the workflow are put in a queue. This queue can be found in Offline data - My Work. The transactions are executed automatically in the background when the device has internet access.

Offline transactions are saved by the unique user so a user can sign out and in without losing transactions.

Not yet transferred transactions are removed if the user disconnects from the server.

Transaction in error

If a transaction goes into error status when transferred the home view in Android shows the message: There are errors in your offline transactions. In the iOS client transactions in error status are indicated by a warning pill on the Offline tab.

Click on My work to get details about the transaction transfer and get details about the transactions in error status. If the reason for the error is fixed in the connecting system the user recent the transaction by clicking Retry. The transaction can also be completely removed by clicking Delete.

Once the erroneous transaction has been removed the transfer will continue with the remaining transactions.

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