Released 2024-03-19

General bugs

  • Added missing Swedish translations.

  • Container - aligning and positioning the divider for vertical and horizontal containers did not work as it should. This has been fixed.

  • Corrected issue where clearing of listening filters was not working correctly when portlets configured to multi-level listening, ie portlet one listening to portlet two that listens to portlet three.

  • Corrected several issues around refreshing the user access token, and resolved problems with unauthorized issues against external systems (such as IFS).

Portlet bugs

  • Data tree - Changed the behavior of the data tree so expand/select of data tree/data tree node is saved in LocalStorage and after changing page/refresh remains as the user left it last time.

  • Inbox - Added the possibility to configure Auto-refresh to the Inbox portlet.

  • KPI card - added support for onNodeSelection listening from DataTree

  • Record - Corrected issue where, when editing a record, quickly double-clicking the update button could result in the row being duplicated.

  • Record/Table - Added a loading spinner for record and table portlet when a workflow was executing, to give end-user better feedback on what is going on.

  • Scheduler - Corrected an issue where changing the column name in an existing Scheduler portlet caused an error.

  • Speedometer - Color rules did not work when using variables. This has been fixed.

  • Table - Corrected table column alignment issue that occurred with Chrome update 121.

  • Table - fixed column misalignment when using Group By function.

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