Released 2021-04-21

MSSQL database connector:

  • Improved performance: MSSQL queries can become very slow in combination with using Flow variables. Added support for specifying a SQL type on the flow variable like: @MyVariable#VARCHAR

Rest connector:

  • Deselecting output in REST Connector no longer leads to a crash

  • Input fields with & in the name are not replaced with underscore

  • Fix for floating-point numeric input from β€œwrong culture”

Flow studio:

  • Resolved problems with user custom properties in application packages during runtime

Workflow engine:

  • Fixed an error regarding variables not being resolved correctly with grid row & cell item styling when coming back from a paused state

Server Tool:

  • Import is more OS agnostic. Added a dbonly flag so it is possible to import/export only databases (without the associated files)

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