Obtaining end-point info from Infor ION API

To establish a connection, you first need to create an ION API file. The file is generated under Authorized Apps tab inside Infor ION API component of Infor IOS.

  • Click on + sign (Add New App) to add a new app to the repository.

  • Provide a Name for an authorized application and choose its Type. Provide a Description and press Save to complete the setup.

  • The saved application will now have an option to Download Credentials. Click on that.

  • Make sure to set Create Service Account and assign an appropriate service user from the list. Click on Download to download the ION API file.

  • Make sure that the chosen M3 user ID for Service Account has proper security roles assigned inside IFS (Infor Federation Services). Make sure that either 'GRID-Administrator' or 'GRID-RunAsM3User' is ticked. These enable an authenticated user to start jobs on behalf of other users.

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