Get by key

An entity set typically has a 'Get by key'-operation. As input it takes the key(s) of the entity.


The result (a record) of the operation looks like this:

  • StatusCode - the HTTP status code returned from the OData endpoint, typically 201 if the operation was successful. A value of 0 or -1 indicates a problem in the connector (i.e, no request sent to the OData endpoint)

  • ErrorMessage - has no value if the operation succeeded, otherwise a description of what when wrong

  • HasFailed - simple value containing true if operation failed

  • Entity - a record containing the values of the created entity, including the values of auto-generated columns.

  • Descriptor - is omitted by default, but if included, contains OData-related information about the entity, such as ETag

  • Headers - is omitted by default, but if included, contains all HTTP headers returned by the OData endpoint

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