Version 2.1.15 mainly contains bug fixes, most importanly for OpenId usage. But also better support for running on Linux.

New features

  • Machine where connector is running now visible in footer of connectors Web UI (useful when running multiple instances of connector, for instance in Azure)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing OpenId to not work. To apply this fix you need to open and close any machine step that is to use OpenId.

  • Fixed a bug in MediaLibrary and DocumentLibrary Read operations

  • Fixed a bug in Read operation task configuration UI when searching for certain members in '-Select-' section

  • Fixed a bug which caused the connector to not run properly on certain Linux distributions

  • Fixed a bug where removing a Flow Server which had feature flags enabled caused issues

  • Fixed a bug which caused a Read operation to break workflow on error even if set to not break workflow. This could happen when IFS Cloud instance is down or otherwise not accessible.

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