Use swimlanes to involve several users in one flow execution.

The swimlanes can be configured so only a specified role can access a specific swimlane, the remaining swimlanes will still be accessible by the default menu role.


The swimlanes can be configured to work online, online & offline, offline, or machine.

When using an offline swimlane, the same restrictions apply as when using offline workflows. You need to fetch the data before going offline, and the transactions will be stored and executed first when you go online again.

In configuration one can also assign names to the swimlanes, access roles and swimlane color.

Crossing Swimlanes

When crossing swimlanes there will be an swimlane crossing event, in this event you can configure what will happen when the crossing happens.

Task name is the name of the task that is handed over to the recipient.

Push notifications enables iOS & Android client to notify the recipient when a new item is handed over to their inbox. Recipients is where one can select who receives these notifications.

Override Recipient is where you can choose a specific flow user or all users belonging to a role to get this push notification.

Also read about inboxes


When working with swimlanes, parallel user inputs can be made.

To do this, use the workflow element Split to split the executions into to parallel workflows, this way the original user can continue working in the workflow while the new user works on their swimlane.

When the new user is done, use the Join element to join the two parallel executions into one again.

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