New installation

Before you start the installation make sure the System requirements are fulfilled and that the following URLs are accessible from the server:



The installation can either be done online or offline. Online: The installation files will automatically be downloaded by the Novacura Flow Server Manager tool. Offline: The installation files need to be downloaded separately and added manually in the Novacura Flow Server Manager tool. Observe this is only necessary if for any reason can not be accessible.

1. Download the Novacura Flow Server Manager

  • Download the Novacura Flow Server Manager and Novacura Flow Studio, and place the installation files on the machine where Novacura Flow Server should be installed.

  • If Novacura Flow needs to be installed offline download the installation packages for the version you want to install.

  • Run the installation for the Novacura Flow Server Manager Installer.exe.

2. Create an installation folder

  • Create a folder named Novacura, for example under: C:\. (all Novacura Flow binaries will be placed under this installation folder)

  • In the Novacura folder, add a folder named Data. (in the Data folder will the SQL Lite database be stored, this folder can be placed where data storage is most suitable)

3. Open the Novacura Flow Server Installer Manager

  • Click on the menu in the top right corner and select Install new.

  • Choose what Novacura Flow version to install.

  • Choose the component/s that should be installed.

  • Click Next.

Tips: If the connection to Novacura Flow home is not available, then offline installation will be available. Download the offline packages and enter the package for each component that should be installed.

It is possible to add component/s after the installation is done, read more here.

Read about the Web authenticator here.

  • Create a new Site in the Internet Information Services (IIS) by clicking on New....

    • Enter a name for the site, for example: Novacura.

    • Enter a port for the site, for example: 80 (open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and control so the port that is entered is free to use).

  • Enter Environment name, for example: Flow.

    • Recommended name standard; for test and dev installations include Test or Dev at the beginning of the environment name, such as "Test Flow" or "Dev Flow", so the different environments are easy to distinguish for the end-user.

  • For Install directory, browse to the Novacura folder that was created earlier.

  • For Storage directory, browse to the Data folder that was created earlier.

  • Click Next.

  • The External URL should already be filled in.

  • The Server name should already be filled in.

  • Enter a Help e-mail address, the e-mail could be to a technical person who is responsible for the Novacura Flow installation.

  • Enter a Admin user name, use this user to log in to the Novacura Flow Studio.

  • Enter a Password for the Admin user.

  • Check any of the security options Use Device Management, Force Web Login, Block Flow Studio requests... if needed. You can also change these settings, using the action menu Edit Installation Settings on the installation, at any time after the installation is made.

    • Use Device Management: Having this option checked will force all devices to be approved before a User can log in. It will also enable Device Management in the Flow Studio, where new devices can be approved or denied and existing devices can be Blocked.

    • Force Web Login: Having this option checked will force Users to log in every time they access Novacura Flow through the Web Client.

    • Block Flow Studio requests outside the local network: Enabling this option will prevent all external access to the Flow Studio. Only requests from the local network will be accepted. You can however define exceptions in order to allow requests from specific IP addresses. If needed, these addresses should be listed in the Exception list.

  • Click Install.

4. The installation is done and all installations will be listed in the Novacura Flow Server Manager

  • Open the Novacura Flow Server page. The page should show the version, bar code, and pin code.

  • Open the Novacura Flow Web Client. The page should show a login prompt.

  • Install Novacura Flow Studio and connect to the Novacura Flow Server. Log in with the admin user that was entered during the installation. When logged in to the Novacura Flow Studio go to Environment -> License and request either a demo license or a customer license, read more here: License.

  • If the Novacura Flow portal was installed, open the portal application to finish the portal installation. The portal database will be created when the portal application is open for the first time. When the installation is done the login page will appear.

The Novacura Flow Server Manager will list each installation on the machine. If another installation is needed click on Install new and follow the installation guide again. Use the Novacura Flow server manager to upgrade the Flow server to a new version or apply service packs.

Contact for support if the installation fails.

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