The subscribe function is used to share applications between different Flow environments. This makes the transition of workflows from test to prod very simple.

We recommend that applications are developed in a dev/test environment, and subscribed in the production environment.


Share the workflow by clicking on the share icon, right to the edit and publish. Enter a comment and click on share, and copy the url. In the version history, the share icon is shown for shared version.

The workflow need to be published to be able to be shared.


Subscribe to an application by right-clicking in the server contect panel area and choose subscribe.

Enter the copied url for the application that should be subscribed and click OK. Subscribed workflows will get a specific icon as in the below picture.

It is not possible to edit subscribed workflows.

Update to new version

When a shared workflow is updated and published with new functionality to a new version, click on the share icon and enter a comment and click share. The new version of the application will now be available in all environments where it is subscribed.

In the environment where the application is subscribed will the application get a star icon, indicating that there is a new version available. Right-click on the application and choose update. This will update the application to the latest version.

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