Released 2024-07-10

New features

  • Added the possibility to configure custom buttons in the record portlet.

  • Support for the configuration of pretty URLs has been added. Check the box Pretty link to set a fixed text or the value from a column.

General bugs

  • Translations - added missing translations for Finnish, German, Norwegian, Polish and Swedish.

  • Workflow - corrected issue with input parameters to workflow portlet

Portlet bugs

  • Document viewer - correction of fetch PDFs as binary output to remove performance issues when viewing big PDF files. For configuration see Binary workflow.

  • Document viewer - the PDF InMemory cache expiration time was reduced from 24 hours to 1 hour to free up space and help prevent potential SystemOutOfMemoryExceptions.

  • Document viewer - Corrected issue where images did not scale correctly

  • Record - The record portlet could not listen to Data Tree - On Tree Node Selection, support for this has been added.

  • Record - corrected that CRUD workflows were not included in exports.

  • Table - Corrected issue where selecting all rows using Ctrl+A did not activate customer buttons set to be active when a row is selected.

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