Web legacy client

The new Novacura web client was released on 31 January 2023 and the legacy client will be deprecated as of 31st January 2024. The legacy and new web clients can be used in parallel until the legacy client is removed.

Novacura Flow is an innovative, rule changing software with one sole purpose: to improve your critical business processes. With Novacura Flow, we put the business and the user in focus, allowing you to create intelligent and user friendly business applications in three simple steps: Design, Configure, Run.

System requirements

Requires IE 10 or newer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser


The web client is installed with the Flow server installation tool. The web client is connected to a specific Flow server, that can only be changed by the system administrator.

The web client is installed with the Flow server tool and is usually installed together with the Flow server.

Log in

Browse to the web client url that is connected to the Flow server you want to log in to.

Here you enter your Flow user name. Depending on the setup, you will be prompted to enter one or many passwords. These passwords are either your Flow login password OR passwords for logging in to any connected system. The login can therefore be different for different users.

Get started

All menus are displayed in tabs which can be opened to display all workflows that are attached to the menu. Users can only see menus they are allowed to see by assigning the menu to dedicated roles and the same for the user.

Start a new workflow by clicking the workflow you want to run under the Workflow tab. Pause the workflow with the pause button or quit a running workflow with the quit button in the left corner.

When the workflow is paused a play symbol will be shown on the workflow, when you start a paused workflow you will get back to the step where the workflow was paused.

Web.config settings

The number of rows shown per page in the web grid can be set in the web.config:

<add key="defaultGridPageSize" value="50" />

  • any value can be set

  • if configuration is missing, 10 rows will be shown as default

  • set to "all" to show all rows on the first page

  • if the number is less than 1, the setting default to 10

Note that the setting affects all grids in all workflows.

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