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How to create an Application package

Here is a short explanation of how to create an application package. Create new package by clicking right moutse button and select New - Package.

The package folder and package settings are created.

Change the package metadata.

Add connectors.

Add roles.

Add properties.

Add portal tabs.

Create workflow in package.

Only the connectors defined in package settings can be selected in the workflow.

The package property can be used in the workflow.

In the package menu it is possible add workflows that is not included in the package. If this is done, the user gets a warning message. External workflows are not included when exporting. Warning message:

Add roles to the menu. Only package setting roles are available to be selected.

Drag and drop workflow as workflow into the package. Connector mapping is requested.

Export warning when menu contains workflow that is not in the package.

Export when workflows not published.

Import of existing package.

Connector mapping when creating new package at import.

Lock package.

Enter and confirm password.

Package locked.

Unlock package

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