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Flow Help

Generic document viewer

The Generic Document Viewer can display documents from any database, it supports most document formats and image formats.

Basic data

Internal name - unique string to identify this portlet. Portlet title - title of the portlet, does not have to be unique.

Auto refresh

Auto Refresh enables the portlet to refresh the data every SS:second.

Query configuration

Query Configuration enables the portlet to execute specified queries towards the chosen database connector.
  • Database connector - Select which connector that the query will execute against.
  • Your query - Text field where queries can be written
  • Data column name - Select in which column the document data is stored.
  • Mime type column name - Select in which column the mime type of the document is stored.
  • File name column -Instead of mime type column name, choose this for formats such as ".jpg, .gif, .txt".
  • Default mime type - Also an alternative if all documents share the same mime type one can define it here.
Mime types are defined in the following format: e.g "application/pdf"


Commands enables the portlet to listen for events sent by other portlets to execute specified commands. The portlet will listen to the following commands
  • onRefresh
  • onRowSelected
  • onGenericTreeNodeSelection
The portlet will listen to the following portlets Specify which portlet the commands above will trigger from. The portlets that appears will be shown with their unique internal name.