Set up Flow 6 Server connection

Go to the Flow Servers page (by clicking Flow Servers in the menu bar to the left).

Click + Add which brings you to the page for adding a Flow 6 Server connection.

Fill in the following details of your Flow 6 Server:

Name (mandatory): A brief name that makes the specific Flow 6 Server recognizable

Description (optional): A brief description of the Flow 6 Server

Server (mandatory): the url to the APIs of the Flow 6 Server

User (mandatory): the id of the machine user with rights to retrieve workflows and execute machine steps

Password (mandatory): the password of the machine user

Enabled (On/Off): toggles whether the Flow server is active for executing integrations or not.

Click the button Test Login to verify that the details you specified work to login with.

A green message bar should show up saying "Login is valid"

If any of the details (Server, User, Password) is incorrect (for example wrong password or Flow 6 Server APIs inaccessible on the Server address) a red message bar will show up saying "Login is not valid. Check settings."

If you are sure about the credentials (User and Password) then it is most probably a connectivity issue. The Flow 6 Server APIs must be accessible over public internet on the address given in the Server field.

Note: the user specified in the field User should be a so called machine user with the following permission administer all.

When done, click Save.

The list now shows your Flow 6 Server.

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