Monitor all executions

Monitoring the overall execution of all integrations is an integral part of any enterprise integration solution.

Go to the dashboard page (by clicking Home in the menu bar to the left).

In the drop down on the upper right of the window select the period you want to render the monitor dashboard for.

The upper graph will show the total number of successful and failed integration executions per day. If you click any red or gren staple the list to the right will drill down to the executions that the staple consist of. Use this to easily navigate to the failed integrations.

Click the bar again to reset the list to whole.

If an integration has been deleted the number of executions will still be accounted for, but they will not show up in the list. So if all errors for a specific red bar are from an integration that has been deleted since, the list will be empty if that red bar i selected. This is intentional.

In a similar way the lower graph shows the number of integration executions per Flow Server added to the Integration Engine. Use this to drill the list to see executions for a specific Flow server.

From the list of integrations to the right you can click an individual integration to see the executions of that specific integration.

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