Monitoring in Flow studio tracks the inbox tasks that are assigned to users. The Administrator can track who the task is assigned to, when the task was created, the run time from when the task first was started and how long the task has been in the inbox. This can help the Administrator to get a clear overview of how many tasks are being executed, who is responsible for each task and if the task is assigned to someone who cannot work with it, the Administrator can also reassign or remove the task.

Tasks Overview

Task Overview contains eight columns:

  • Task Name: Displays the name of the running task.

  • Assignee: Shows which user that is assigned to the current task.

  • Application: The name of the application where the task is placed.

  • Process ID: A unique identifier string.

  • Waiting Time: Measures how much time has passed since the task was created.

  • Created: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS Date and Time when the task was created.

  • Work Started: Displays when the assignee first started with the task.

  • Run Time: Measures for how long the task has been running since it was started.

It is possible to select a task from the list to display details about the task.


Details allows the administrator to Reassign, kill processes and see detailed information about the selected task.

Reassign User

1. Select which task to reassign. 2. Click on reassign. 3. Choose which user to reassign the task to (make sure the user has a suitable role). 4. Click confirm reassignment.

Kill Process

1. Select which taskprocess to kill. 2. Click on Kill Process. 3. Confirm in the new confirmation window that you wish to kill the selected process.

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