Record viewer

The Record Viewer portlet displays one row of a table per page in the portlet. Workflows can be attached to the record page, enabling users to edit the data or for customized usage e.g. dispatching a technician in the selected record.


General data is required for all portlets.

General configuration


The portlet can listen to the following events:

  • On Filter

  • On Row Selection

  • On Refresh

  • On Point Selection

Listeners configuration


Data source

The portlet data source configuration enables the portlet to execute specified queries towards the chosen database connector to fetch data, or fetch data from a workflow.

  • Database: uses a flow connector to retrieve data from a database

  • Workflow: runs a workflow to retrieve data

Data source configuration

Workflow source configuration

Column mappers

Click the Add section button to add a new section. Multiple sections can be added.

Click Add field to add a new field in the section. A section can contain multiple fields.

Field configuration:

  • Database column: the data that is to be displayed in the field

  • Name: the name which will be shown as a header to the data field

  • Editor: the format of the field

  • Multiline: check if the field should expand over multiple columns

  • Editable: check if the field should be editable. Note that Edit Operations also must be configured for a field to be editable.


Change the header text color and add a header stripe by configuring style.

Style configuration

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