Released 2023-05-31

System requirements

Due to a library update to better handle datetime formats in the Visual Planning portlets, the portal as of this release required the following browser versions:

Edge: 84 or higher

Chrome: 84 or higher

New features

New navigator UI

The navigator for types Top and Top/Side has been moved into the header banner. Search for Pages has also been added to the top banner and About and Help have been moved and are now available in the Profile drop-down list.

Information about the server; name, address and version, has been added in About.

Current time line in Gantt

A vertical line displaying the current time has been added to the Gantt portlet

Listeners with portlets on different pages

Portlets can send commands to portlets placed on other pages, as of this release. All commands work except the On Refresh command. On Refresh only works when the emitting and receiving portlets are on the same page.

The section Receivers has been added as a sub-section to Listeners. Receivers will be visible if there are any portlets listening and show a list of said items.

Clear all filters

A Clear filters option has been added in the drop-down list under Profile. Clear filters will remove all filters and refresh the portal. Filters done by listener event and the ones added by the users in for example the table portlet will be cleared.

General portal bugs and changes

  • Column configuration error got stuck in a loop and kept fetching table portlet configuration when one or more columns were missing in the data source. This has been corrected so that after two loops the fetched is stopped and an error is displayed.

  • For a better user experience, Portal2 will cancel all pending HTTP requests when navigating to a different page.

  • Changing the type of one container affected the layout of other containers on the same page. This has been fixed.

  • When switching pages quickly, an error appeared, and the page did not load. This has been corrected so a workaround of refresh or selecting the page again is no longer required.

  • Side navigation - Unnecessary side scrollbar removed.

  • HTTPS to HTTP is now supported. Can be used for example with some configurations of Azure proxy.

Portlet bugs and minor changes

  • Filter - OnRowSelection sent the wrong data for multiple inputs with the same parameter. This has been fixed.

  • Gantt - When a progress column name was added to the tooltip, the value shown was from the database, and not one calculated based on child tasks.

  • Gantt - Fixed so that custom buttons can be enabled based on conditions.

  • Gantt - UI for draggable portlets in stacked containers has been corrected.

  • Gantt - The top task sometimes got a different color than the other tasks. This has been fixed so the task is colored according to the configuration.

  • Gantt - improved the Gantt tooltip behavior:

    • Show tooltip is unchecked - no tooltip will be shown

    • Show tooltip is checked but the configuration is left empty - the name, start date, end, date duration and progress will be shown in the tooltip

    • Show tooltip is checked and configuration done - the tooltip content will be as per the configuration

  • Gantt - The UI of the progress bar on the parent task when zooming in and out has been improved.

  • Gantt - Tasks were not rendered if the parent ids were not in the dataset. This has been fixed so tasks are included regardless of parent id start and end dates.

  • Gantt - When selecting a date interval in the Gantt, the until date was not included among the dates displayed, the dates ended on the day before. This has been corrected so the until date is shown.

  • Gantt - Task focus was lost after the portlet was refreshed. This has been fixed so task focus remains after refresh.

  • Gantt - If the name of the first data source column, was changed the name disappeared in the portlet. This has been fixed so the name is shown after changes.

  • Gantt - Tooltip was not always visible when hovering over taskbars, this has been fixed

  • Gantt - The table and timeline lines were not in sync in some zoom levels. This has been corrected.

  • Gantt - The progress bar on the parent was mapped to the wrong color which sometimes ended up making it not visible. This has been corrected.

  • KPI - Int column value managed as text was not displayed in the Unit field on the portlet. This has been corrected to the value is displayed.

  • Record - Hidden fields were not sent in the payload, this has been corrected to visible and hidden fields are both sent.

  • Scheduler - The blue line indicating the current time was not visible in the month timeline view in the scheduler. This has been fixed.

  • Scheduler - It was not possible to remove work start and end times once set, this has been corrected so they can be removed.

  • Scheduler - The scheduler portlet did not show tasks correctly when start and end dates were not in the view range. This has been fixed.

  • Table - Clearing filter results stopped working when at least two portlets listened to the same filter portlet, this has been corrected.

  • Table - Improved UI for when progress spinners are shown in the table portlet.

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