Before using the Siox connector download the Siox driver from the Siox website.

The Siox Connector is used to communicate with Siox terminals. Read more on Siox website., and download Siox SDK for the documentations for all the opertations.


  • BaudRate. Symbols per seconds. ex 4800, 9600 etc.

  • Serial Port. RTU connection. Example ,COM1, COM2 etc.

  • Network Connection settings

    • Use network connections. If you are using Serial port insted of TCP.

    • IP Address. IP Address to the siox bus.

    • Connection timeout(ms). The time before the connection should timeout if it cannot connect.

    • StopBits. How many bits it should stop after transmisson, None, One, Two, OnePointFive(1.5).

    • Port. Port to the siox bus.

  • Logging

    • Enable log. Set this to enable logging of Siox Connector.

    • Path to logfile. The file where the Siox Connector appends logs.

    • Max size of logfile. Maximum size of logfile (in kilo bytes). Setting this to zero indicates no limit.

    • Log level. Controls at what level logs will be written.

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