Try the webhook

Select an integration of type webhook in the list on the Flow Integrations page.

With the integration open, click on the tab TryWebhook

Depending on what the machine workflow requires on its start step to execute, and depending on if you have set up Data Processing on the integration yet, you may need to provide an Input.

For example, with a Start step on the machine workflow looking like the following, and with no Data processing on the integration

would expect an Input looking like the following (values empty in this example)

  "CustomerRecord": {
    "Name": "",
    "Id": "",
    "CreatedDate": "",
    "CreatedBy": "",
    "Address": {
      "Street1": "",
      "Street2": "",
      "City": "",
      "State": "",
      "Country": ""

When you are ready, click Send to try the webhook and execute its machine workflow.

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