REST service

The REST Service Connector can be used to consume REST services. The configuration for a REST Connector is mainly done in the tool "Novacura REST Connector Project" which is access by pressing the 'EDIT' button in 'REST connector project' section.


  • REST connector project Contains the connector project, press 'EDIT' to edit the project. See REST Project Tool for more information.

  • Base address Required url to base address of REST service.

    Example: or, but not

  • Authentication In this section the authentication to be used while communicating with REST service can be configured. "Username (basic)" and "Password (basic)" can be used for Basic Authentication, as specified in RFC2617. If the connector has been configured to send Authorization headers, that will be used, otherwise the values set in this section will be used (or per Flow user if no Username setup in this section). In this section there is also the option to accept any certificate from server in an https session. This should only be used for test or development scenarios when no other option exists.

  • Global parameters

    In this section you specify the values of 'Configuration parameters' specified in the REST Project Tool.

  • Encoding for url parameters The encoding to use when parameters are sent as part of the url (query parameters). If not set, UTF-8 will be used.

  • Cache metadata In this section you can specify whether the machine step should cache metadata information or not. It is useful to set this to 'No' while developing the REST connector, and then to 'Yes' once it's stable.

  • Logging In this section logging is configured. Either incoming or outgoing or both can be logged. If something goes wrong in the communication, an entry is added to the file errorLog.txt. In order to enable logging, a valid path relative to the Flow Server must also be provided. Note that the path must already exist, the connector will not create the path. Also note that the user that Flow Server is running as must have write access to the path.

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