Get started

Menus and workflows are shown in the home view. User access to menus is set in the Studio.

Click on a workflow to start it. Inside the workflow the user can:

  • Go back - click to go back to the previous user step

  • Pause - use to pause the workflow. This is used when users need to go to a different workflow for example to fetch some information. Paused workflows are indicated by a Paused pill and started again, from the pause position, by clicking on the workflow.

  • Quit - will quit the workflow on the quit step, ie there is no rollback of the steps the workflow has already passed.

The actions are not always available, for example, it is not possible to go back to the previous screen when the flow just executed a machine step.

Actions are also available on a left swipe of the workflow.

  • More - will open a bottom sheet with actions

  • Restart - will restart the workflow from the beginning. Only available if the workflow is paused.

  • Quit - This action will quit a paused workflow

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