File gallery

With the file gallery is it possible to show files that the user can open and use on their device. The user can also add files to the gallery.

  • Target Variable The name of the new table variable in which the data is stored.

  • Prompt The label to be displayed above the file gallery.

  • Group rows by Select the variable the images should be grouped by. Not mandatory.

  • Collapse Defines if the file gallery control opens with groups expanded or collapsed. Active if group rows by set.

  • Condition To Hide

    Add the condition that must be met for the control to be hidden. If left empty, the control will be visible in the user step. Note that when controls are hidden, empty variables will be created, unless default values or pre-defined data exist.

  • Source Choose a source table that contains files.

  • Reloading behavior

    The control behavior at reloading, see User step reloading.

  • Uploads Choose upload type, single or multiple uploads.

    • Single: if the user only should upload one file.

    • Multiple: if the user should be able to upload more than one file (or zero files).

  • Allow File Endings Enter file endings for those types of files that should be allowed to be added to the file gallery. For example; .doc, .xls

  • Target Image Size Use target image size to scale images or make it possible for the user to decide what size the image should be scaled to.

    • Original: All attached images will not be scaled.

    • Small (25%): All attached images will be scaled to the size of 25% of the original size.

    • Medium (50%): All attached images will be scaled to the size of 50% of the original size.

    • Large (75%): All attached images will be scaled to the size of 75% of the original size.

    • User-defined: The user will be able to decide if the image should be scaled and what size it should be scaled to.

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