The FTP Connector is used to upload and download files from an FTP server. It can also perform other operations such as creating remote directories and list files and directories on the FTP server.

The DownloadStream operation is currently limited to downloading files smaller than 100 Mb.


  • Address. Address to FTP server.

  • Port. Port to use, usually 21.

  • Username. Username for a user on the FTP server.

  • Password. Password for a user on FTP server.

  • Communication settings

    • Transfer type. ASCII or Binary (recommended), default is Binary.

    • Concurrent connections.

    • Concurrent connections.

  • SSL / TSL settings

    • Use SSL / TLS. To enable a secure connection between client and server. Enabled is recommended.

    • Encrypt data channel. If enabled the data transfer will be encrypted, otherwise only command channel will be encrypted.

    • SSL Mode.

      • Implicit the connection is performed to the dedicated port (usually 990), and immediately starts SSL negotiation (without sending AUTH command).

      • Explicit the client connects to the generic FTP port (21), and then sends AUTH command.

      • ExplicitManual mode

    • Client certificate patch. Path to the clients certification.

    • Auth command. Specifies an authorization command that should be sent to server to request an explicit SSL session. Different servers support different commands, so in most cases it is a good idea to set this to Auto.

      • Auto. Try to specify command supported by server automatically.

      • AuthTLS. Use AUTH TLS command.

      • AuthSSL. Use AUTH SSL command.

      • AuthTLSP. Use AUTH TLS-P command (protected data channel).

      • AuthTLSC. Use AUTH TLS-C command (clear data channel).

    • Validate server. If enabled the client validates server.

    • Server certificate path. Path to the server certification.

    • FTP Version. The secure version of SSL or TLS. Default SSL Version 3 and TLS Version 1.0. -Validation options.

  • Logging

    • Enable log. Set this to enable logging of FTP Connector.

    • Path to logfile. The file where the FTP Connector appends logs.

    • Max size of logfile. Maximum size of logfile (in kilo bytes). Setting this to zero indicates no limit.

    • Log level. Controls at what level logs will be written.

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