To the upper right in the portal the user name is displayed together with the options

  • Search - use search to find pages in the portal

  • Edit mode - Select edit mode to open the configuration panel to be able to make changes to the Portal setup (configurations, creating new portlets, etc.) Edit mode requires administration user permission.

  • Profile - shown the name of the users and has got a drop down list containing:

    • About - shows information about portal and server versions etc

    • Clear filters - Clear filters will remove all filters and refresh the portal. Filters done by listener event as well as the ones added by the users in for example the table portlet will be cleared.

    • Help . takes the user to Flow Help

    • Logout - select to logout of the portal

Log in / log out

To access the Portal, start by logging in. Depending on the setup, users can login with either a Microsoft Account or a Flow account.

To log out of the Portal, use the drop down list available by the user name in the right-hand corner of the Portal and select logout.

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