First-time Setup

This chapter describes the first general configuration steps after installing the connector service.

Logging in and changing the default password

  1. After a new install, the default username and password are admin / admin. This should be changed to a more secure credential as soon as possible. Go ahead and do this first.

Adding a configuration

Connector Configurations will appear in Flow Studio as separate connectors. To create a configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration menu item on the left-hand menu

  2. Select "Create New"

  3. Fill in the required values.

  4. Save

Flow Servers

In order for the newly installed connector to appear in Flow Studio, it must be registered to the Flow Server with a Machine User account.

  1. Navigate to the Flow Servers menu item in the left-hand menu

  2. Click the "Add Flow server" menu item

  3. Enter the flow server address, i.e:

  4. Enter the credentials for a Flow User with the Machine user type and AdministerBasicData Access Level

  5. Click Save

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