Set up of NiceLabel Automation to accept Flow request.

1. Start NiceLabel Automation Builder and create new configuration:

2. Select TCP/IP Server Trigger:

3.Note Port number (will be used in Flow configuration):

4. Go to Variable tab on TCP/IP Server:

5. Select DataFileName from Internal Variables:

6. Go to Action tab on TCP/IP Server:

7. From All Action - select Run Command File:

8. Select variable DataFileName as File name. Make sure that File Type is XML File:

9. Save configuration to some suitable folder.

10. Start Automation Manager and select saves configuration:

11. Start configuration process:

12. Configure NiceLabel connector in Flow. Use TCPIP port number from step 3:

13. When request is send from Flow, trigger will execute it and status will be changed:

14. Example flow looks like this:

15. Send To Nice Label task is set up like this:

Label file and printer need to be available on the NiceLabel server.

Use the NiceLabel connector

This instruction assumes that following programs/components are installed:

  • NiceLabel Automation

  • NiceLabel DesignPro (configured label printers is recommended)

  • Novacura Flow5 with configured NiceLabel connector

1. Start NiceLabel DesignerPro and select to create new label. Select the printer and label size you are using in the Wizard that opens automatically.

2. Add variables; It is important to set correct size for variables, if you send data that exceed the defined size, NiceLabel will fail to print the label.

3. Note names of all variables:

4. Design the label layout using created variables.

  • To add a barcode do as follow:

  • To add a text box do as follow:

5. Save the label file to folder on server that runs NiceLabel Automation.

6. Add Flow machine task and configure it as NiceLabel connector.

7. Bind variables from the label to local variables in the flow. Variable name in NiceLabel are case sensitive. Label path is relative to NiceLabel automation server (local map on that server).

8. Commit the workflow and execute. Check status on NiceLabel Automation server.

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