Apply service pack

The system will be unavailable during the installation process.

It is recommended to restart the server prior to upgrade.

1. Take a backup

  • Take a backup of the installation folder with all files for all components of Novacura Flow.

2. Open the Novacura Flow Server Manager

  • Click on the menu for the installation that should be updated and choose Apply service pack....

  • Click on Apply to start the update, when the message Upgrade successful shows is the service pack applied.

3. Problems If the upgrade process results in a corrupt state, which it can't rollback automatically, an error message "Entry is incorrect. Fix errors or remove entry" will be displayed on the environment instance. This can often be recovered manually by:

  • Go to the installation folder and change the name of the data backup that the installation tool has done.

  • Remove the underscore and date from the folder name of each component installation folder (see example image below).

  • Start the site and service from the IIS Manager.

  • Open the Novacura Flow server page to see that it is up and running.

Contact for support if the upgrade fails.

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