In the main menu there are two tools available to ease the development of a REST Connector.

Model parsing tester

With this tool you can test a json or xml data with the existing models in the project. By doing so you can detect problems with your models. If no matching model is found that matches the data, you can create a new one in the tool.

Operation designer

With the help of the operation designer you can do test calls to the remote API. You can also create models based on returned json or xml (if applicable).

You need to set the base url (which is normally stored 'outside' of the project, in the connector config). You can create new parameters and set the values of parameters before sending the requests.

Once a request has been configured, press the button 'Send METHOD request' (where 'METHOD' is GET, POST or other http method).

The requests in operation designer are sent by the Flow Studio process, from the machine that Flow Studio is running at. In runtime, when the connector is used, all requests will be sent by Flow Server. So there is no guarantee that a request that works in Operation designer will work when used in runtime since Flow Server could belong to another network without access to the remote REST API.

In the File-menu you can select to import or export current test session and also to import requests from a Postman collection (v2.1). You can also import directly from an url, e.g. http://host:port/path

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