Generic document viewer

The Generic Document Viewer can display documents from any database, it supports most document formats and image formats.

Basic Data

Internal name - unique string to identify this portlet. Portlet title - title of the portlet, does not have to be unique.

Auto Refresh

Auto Refresh enables the portlet to refresh the data every SS:second.

Query Configuration

Query Configuration enables the portlet to execute specified queries towards the chosen database connector.

  • Database connector - Select which connector that the query will execute against.

  • Your query - Text field where queries can be written

  • Start node value - Select from which node to display tree structure.

  • Parent node - Name of the parent node column.

  • Node - Name of the column the start node value fetches value from. Example: Id

Id would mean that start node value would look for values inside the column I.d * Node title - Decides where the portlet will fetch the titles for each node fetched.

Mime types are defined in the following format: e.g "application/pdf"

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