List of values management

In the Table and Record View Portlets, there is a possibility to use a List of Values (a drop-down list with a set of predefined values) when you create or edit a record directly in the Portlet. The List of Values will then define what a user can enter in a specific field.

The List of Values can also take an input, so that the list could be filtered depending of an existing value in the current record.

What the list of values are to contain is defined here.

List of Values

Name - Select a name in the list to display the list settings to the right in the Definition window.

Create - Resets the definition window to the right, so one can create a new list of values.


Code - Display name of the list.

Query - A query to select a set list of values.

Database Connector - The connector to the database where the query is to be executed.

Text Column - Text Column is what is shown to the User in the List of Values.

Value Column - Value column is the actual value chosen when a value is selected in the List of Values.

Save/Delete - Saves the current definition of the lov or Deletes the selected lov.

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